A Snarling Dog Finds Love

Dog saved

Patience and Love can Win Over even a Terrified Dog

This video is all about the love showered on Holly, a terrified dog found in a doorstep shivering of fear by  Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws. This is not a one off case where a dog was found abandoned.

The dog was so scared of humans and if you see its initial reaction when Eldad nears it, it is enough to put you off. Snarling Holly was all set to protect herself though she was petrified and scared inside. Holly also needed the same kind of cajoling and careful handling to get to the state where she can be cuddled.

It took 20 minutes for Eldad to get Holly to accept his patting. The stressful moments Eldad endured to get Holly on his lap is a must see.

Source : Eldad Hagar

This is a video that shows demand for love and affection is not limited to humans alone. Watch Holly three weeks later and you know what love can do to a dog. Pets are part of our inherent life. What is your say? Share and post your comments below or on Facebook.



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