This Adorable Baby Can’t Decide If She Wants To Sleep, Or Stay Awake And Smile

adorable baby

Such a cute adorable baby can’t help but smile and stay awake!

Six month old Yerin is one happy baby, especially upon awakening from her naps. When She sees her mom or dad she’s all smiles. But it seems like she doesn’t want to sleep or stay awake, so why not do both?

Bobaepapa is a youtube channel starting 2 little siblings from South Korea. You can watch all their shenanigans from sleeping, eating, laughing, joking and being flat out cute! So cute its hard not to fall in love with such videos. I am a fan for sure! Enjoy!

Kids like this bring a smile to my face!

So what did you think of Yerin the adorable baby? Isn’t she the cutest!! Let us know on facebook or in the comments below!!



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