All Muslims are not Terrorists


Is labeling all Muslims as Terrorists Right?

This is an emotional video of  a representative of Muslims asking for recognition as a fellow human being. More emotional is the reaction of people seeing his request.

A blindfolded Muslim man stands in the middle of the road, asking for a hug declaring that he is a Muslim and he is not a terrorist is enough to move any human being. In the age where the simple term Islam or Muslim is seen as a terrorist, here is a man asking for recognition as a normal person.

See the words he uses to ask for a hug and it is not surprising so many people walk up to him to give him a hug. Watch the video to know more.

Source : LiveLeak

Branding anyone in the name of religion is unfair; let it be  Muslims or Christians or Sikhs. What do you say? Please share and post your comments below or on Facebook



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