An Emotional Reunion with his Dead Wife

Emotional Husband

Watch Stan Beaton reunite with his wife he lost in 2003

After technological revolution, finding a new partner is not a problem at all. So it is literally out of sight out of mind for many people. But it is not the case for all. Here is Mr. Stan Beaton, who went heartbroken when his beloved wife ruby passed away in 2003.

For him, his only consolation is the voice of Ruby recorded in her voice mail. Unfortunately he lost her voice mail due to a technical fault. For Beaton, it was Paradise Lost. This loss made him lose hope on life and pushed him into distress. When the company came to know about his problem, they deployed a crew of 10 engineers to restore Ruby’s erased voice mail.

With the sincere efforts of the crew, Ruby’s voice mail was restored. This video is all about Stan Beaton’s reaction when he heard Ruby’s voice again after years. It was emotional which every one of us can relate to.

Source : BBC Radio Leeds

This video is a strongest evidence that the institution of marriage lives beyond human life. Do watch this video to be with the strongest emotions that a husband shares for his lost wife. Please share and comment below or on Facebook.



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