Bald Eagle Asks A Fisherman For Help

Bald Eagle seeking help

A Canadian Fisherman Rescues A Bald Eagle Struggling for Life

A juvenile bald eagle struggling in the water reaches out to its last hope, a Canadian fisherman busy fishing in the sea. Juvenile birds have only a 60% survival rate as they learn to fly and also catch prey at the same time. Their inexperience lands the bald eagles in trouble when the birds catch prey bigger than what they can handle.

It is a must see to watch how this bald eagle swims its way to the fisherman and lies in its deck with the hope that it will be saved. The fisherman expected the eagle to fly off once it rested on the deck for some time. When the bald eagle did not move, he understood it needed help. Nicknamed 14-368, this bald eagle is fighting his infection and getting treated at the Owl rescue center. Once cured, he will be released back into the wild.

Source: YouTube

Do you think  birds such as bald eagles are intuitive or this particular bird is one off the kind? Though the exact reason for its bad health is unknown, do you think there can be some obvious reasons? Please share this and post your comments below or on Facebook.



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