Break the boredom, Dance in the Train

Dance, a social weapon

Want to start socializing? Join the Dance in the train

No money just happiness is how this guy opens a dance party in the train. Look at how he breaks the ice and get people to socialize without thinking twice about where they are.

Naturally, people think he is one crazy guy out there and start looking the other side. Look at how the beat entices everyone in the train to watch him. Never knew dancing can be contagious too.

Moments later, the beat and his dance makes everyone clap hands and begin to join him. What tapping music and dance movements?

Source : Peter Sharp

No one is a stranger and it just takes few minutes to let yourself free to be a part of any group you do not know. Here it is a dance group. What do you say? Watch the video, share and post your comments below or on facebook



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