Where There Is a Cats Will, There Is A Way

Curious cat

Curious Cat Digs Out Snow

Ordinary men will do extraordinary things when they are put under difficult situations. This is a common fact. Most of us know this. How about pet animals, especially cats?

There is a lot of difference between feral cats and house cats. A feral cat has natural abilities and their survival instinct is very high. This is due to their living situations and circumstances. Feral cats are on their own. They are under constant threat. So they have no other way but to guard themselves.

On the other hand, domestic cats become the eye of their masters. They get all the attention from their owners; they are treated like one of the members of the master’s family. So they lack in their survival instincts when compared to feral cats.

But this cat proves it wrong. This video is about a house cat.

Source: James Gilfoy

This video shows how this little cat finds its way out of home by shoveling snow.

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