Childbirth Is Precious

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Mother Takes New Birth During Childbirth

God is great, nature is perfect and people appreciate the nature when they understand how great it is to have this wonderful human body mind and spirit. When the child is growing in the mother’s womb, food is supplied, growth takes place. Human childbirth takes place about 38 weeks after conception. This is in normal situation. During this period the body of a child develops fully to become functional completely.

At the time of the baby growing inside the womb, it develops nerves, vessels and other organs. But on several occasions the child is born premature. Instead of the full 38 weeks, if the childbirth takes place earlier the baby is not fully developed. For example if the nerves are not developed or if the child does not develop the system to breathe on its own, the survival is a very big question mark. That is why several pre mature babies died in earlier days. Medical science is very well developed now that the child’s possibilities of survival are more. Much more than anything else, love of the parents, intensity of their faith, belief and tenacity to give their best makes the child live.

Source: Benjamin Scot Miller

Watch this video to see how love can make a child grow to be normal. After watching this, we all would have more gratitude to be alive for sure.
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