Christmas Is For All, Says This Bone Thief

Take a bone

Robber dog alias Bone Thief

What is Christmas all about? This is a question as old as time. Christmas is about giving. For human beings there is family and friends to give gifts. For children there is Santa. What about animals?

Do they celebrate Christmas? Come on, Christmas is for all. This video is about a dog’s Christmas shopping spree. He just walked into a big shop on his own. He did not even bother about anybody.

Without asking help from anyone directly, he marched to the pet animals section. There were so many things in racks. But this canine knows what he wants. Attractive toys for pet dogs and expensive dog food were there. He did not pay any attention to them. Quickly he found what he wanted. Yes, he grabbed a big bone and just walked out of the shop casually. He gifted a bone to himself. The entire thing got recorded in the surveillance camera of the shop.

Source: Slovakia!

If a human being did that, he will get arrested but what can we do to a dog. What do you think? Watch the video and do not forget to share and post your comments below or on fb



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