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Arnold helps homeless

Big Heart With Compassion to Serve

Most of us work hard to keep ends meet. Life is wonderful with lot of things we possess or have access to. We strive with lot of tenacity to do several things to make our life happy. Sometimes the joy of living is displayed when someone shares something with another person who is in need with absolute compassion. Money can buy several things, joy and happiness cannot be bought with money.

There are good Samaritans who put wonderful efforts to help others. These people are ordinary people with regular jobs. But their heart is so big with compassion that they help many people who are less fortunate. Such people certainly touch our hearts and inspire us to do things to others.

Arnold Harvey a sanitation truck driver and his wife Theresa Harvey live in Maryland, USA. They give free food and blanket everyday to several homeless people living in their area. They also created a store from charities for the community who cannot afford to buy from regular stores.

Source: ABC News

Video here shows Arnold’s act of kindness. It would certainly touch the hearts of the viewers.
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