Dance of A Woman With a Difference

Obese woman Dance

Passion That Propels a Women to Dance

When Jason Derulo’s single “talk dirty to me” got released last year, it became a chart buster. It reached the number one position in billboard top 50 and stayed unbeaten for weeks. The peppy song is a good dancing number, in the music video of “talk dirty to me” Jason danced with some hot slim girls. Yeah, dancing is for slim and sleek girls right? Because they only move to the dance beat with grace.

No, this American woman Thore proves it wrong. Once she was slim but now she’s weighing about 378 pounds.  But being fat doesn’t stop her from dancing. In her interview to a magazine she said that her weight increased dramatically when she was in college in part due to polycystic ovary syndrome. She didn’t diagnose it for years. Thore went heartbroken that she became one another fatty American girl, but she finally broke the shackles with this small dancing video

Source : Jared Katie

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