Dealing with an Autistic Child

autistic children

Believe me ! Our World is so Kind to Autistic Children

What would you do if you saw a man harassing a family with an autistic child in a restaurant?. 1 out of 88 children in US are autistic. This video highlights how sensitive are we to a family with autistic children and our tolerance towards those children.

Repeating the same words and  behavior are common symptoms of autism. It takes a lot for the family to accommodate and adjust with the child and we cannot give the child a belonging unless we learn to accept them and the behavior.

In this video, a rude man disturbed the child’s behavior abuses the family and the child bringing the mother into tears in an restaurant in New York. It is heart warming to see the other diners walk up and talk for the family. Watch to see how many of them are in tears themselves unable to stand the humiliation faced by the family.

Source : mrduckbears24

A beautiful video to show no one is a stranger in this world as long as kindness prevails. By the way, this is enacted by ABC “What would you do” team yet it is a video to watch as people who reacted are not actors but real people with kind heart. Please share and post your comments below or on Facebook





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