Determination to Succeed

Successful runner

Dedication and Determination Helps to Achieve Goals

Athletes and sports persons work with the coach with dedication and determination. They practice with dedication and focus to achieve their dream. In sport the results would be instantaneous. That is at the end of the game or the event the winner is known. The crucial part is to perform on that particular time or day to the best of the ability.

Most of the sports personalities have the courage and mental ability to keep working until success is achieved. Such persons inspire others to keep working on their dreams. In life, situation may be such that to move to the next step requires lot of courage and steadfastness. Great persons who succeeded in spite of hurdles and difficulties provide great inspiration to achieve the desired goals with determination.


Source: Gordon Attard

In this video a person falls down in the middle of a race, but the end of this is certainly a great inspiration to the viewers.
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