Display of Emotions on Big Occasion

Bride meets brother

Heart Is Filled With Emotions for Loved Ones

Emotions are very important part of a man’s existence. Emotions have to be experienced by every human being. Various emotions such as joy, sorrow, hate and fear are felt alternatively. The emotions affect the physical body and physical body affects the feelings as well. Positive feelings of a person makes the body function well. The feelings control the behavior and the pattern of thinking of a man. Anyone can check at themselves to identify what sort of belief system they have. Once that is known it is important to be with positive belief system to live happily.

Belief system of a man provides a filter to make him behave in a certain manner. The way a person is brought up and his experiences form the emotions in him. Love is one of the wonderful feelings that make lives worth living. On important occasions of life it is natural to feel nervous and expect the loved ones to be nearby. Love is wonderful when given with pure heart.

Source: Andrew Didway

The video here is about a woman who was surprised by her brother she does not expect to see then.
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