Doctor by day, Homeless by night

Doctor treats homeless

What can we do to our society? A doctor explains it

Guess what this person in the video does for a living? He is a doctor by profession. True to the word that doctor profession is noble; this doctor maintains a second identity.

 It is tough to believe what identity this doctor procures in the night. He becomes a homeless person to attend to thousands of patients without a shelter. He shows us what we can do to the society. A physician in the day and a homeless person in the night, what a transition! Watch this video and see what this human above all has done to the needy.

 This humane physician has moved one more step ahead and helped in establishing 85 more programs like this in different parts of the world.

Source :  NationSwell

Time is money but for this doctor, time is service. Let us honor this doctor by sharing this video. Do comment below or on facebook



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