Friend in Deed is Friend Indeed

Raise fund for friend

Watch what this friend does for his close pal

What do we do for our friends? We will hang out with them. Some buy gifts, dinner and some will buy costly accessories. This video tells about a person who raised a million dollars for his friend by writing a book for him. The biggest thing is that he is only 8 years old. Dylan and Jonah are close friends.

Jonah is suffering with GSD, glycogen storage disease. It’s rare liver disease which affects only one person in a million. There’s no permanent cure for the disease right now. Scientists are doing researches to find a medicine. When Dylan came to know about Jonahs condition

He decided to raise money for his friend’s treatment and research. He wrote a book “chocolate bar” and started selling it for 20 dollars. He wrote the book when he was six. He is 8 now. And recently he raised about a million dollars.

Source: ABC News

He says that he won’t stop until his friend gets cured. This video gives everyone a big message. To help others all you need is a big heart.

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