Golden Retrievers Save their Master

golden retrievers

Guardian angels aka Golden retrievers stayed beside till Help Came by

Golden retrievers are great companions but knowing that they can save the life of the master as guardian angels is certainly not a common occurrence. Judy Mahe of Florida is alive today due to the presence of mind of her lovely pet dogs, Higgins and Dodger.

Judy who is 76 year old, suffers from Parkinsons disease and fell down in her kitchen. Both the golden retrievers stayed beside her till people came to her rescue.

Judy got hit in the head and spent the next 2 days moving in and out of consciousness. To make sure she was comfortable, the golden retrievers stayed so close to keep her warm and safe.

Source: HereComesMax

Is loyalty the only word to describe these golden retrievers? Watch this video and share it. Please do comment below or on Facebook.



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