Good Hearted Man

good hearted homeless

Homeless But Good Hearted Man

There are homeless, helpless people all over the world.  Many families were left destitute by unfortunate happenings in their life. Whenever we cross a road, we always spot a person asking for help, begging for a dime or two.  What we do normally? Yes,,the moment we spot them, our walking pace will increase. We will try to cross that place as quick as possible. We ignore their plea, acting as we did not hear them.

A question will pop up in our mind, asking us,  Are we doing the correct thing? We always question his intention and brush aside his genuine need for money with an argument within ourselves that he might drink with the money. As we walk away, the beggars who were behind us are forgotten.

This video gives a different answer. It is a social experiment. A guy gives 100 dollars to a homeless person and follows him discreetly recording what he does with the money. As we expected, he goes to a liquor shop straight away with the 100 dollars, but what he did after that changed my heart and my opinion about homeless people.

Source: JoshPalerLin

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