Hearing Loss and Joy of Listening

joy of first hearing

With Hearing Aid, Hearing Loss Turns to Joy

Children are gift of God. They are  wonderful, pure, filled with innocence. They are flawless creation of God. But even God’s creation is not flawless.. There are children with physical disabilities right from their birth. The hearing loss of a child is compensated with hearing aid and the child hears his mother for the first time.

This video is about Lachlan, a seven week old gorgeous baby boy born with Senso Neuro hearing impairment. This is caused by certain issues with the nerve located inside his ear. It caused a problem in hearing, and Lachlan developed hearing loss.

There was no remedy for this problem years back, and parents were left with no possibility to get the child cured. Now with the advancement in medical science, a tiny hearing aid is fixed in Lachlan. Look at the child’s ecpression as the doctor inserts the equipment in his ear. He even cries, but the moment he hears his mother’s voice, his face brightens bringing in a new experience that brings happiness and smile to his face.

Source: Toby Lever

It is great to relate with Lachlan who could listen to his mother’s voice, thanks to technology. Share this or post a comment below or on Facebook



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