Hilarious – Bullmastiff Hates Master’s Singing

Hilarious video

Norman, a Big Mastiff  in this Hilarious Video, Tries His Best to Prevent His Master from Singing

Norman, a bullmastiff, breaks the loyalty clause by whining and growling its way when the master, Curt Kendall, starts singing his song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’.  Watch this video for some hilarious moments on the desperate attempts by Norman to prevent his master from singing the song. Norman’s behavior is not a coincidence as can be seen by his reactions to Curt’s singing. Whoever said dogs are not sensitive to human behavior will have to change the opinion after watching this video. No words, just singing and whining and few growling here and there.  See the dog disapprove as he hits the high notes of his singing. If you love dogs or looking for some fun and hilarious moments, this is a must watch video.

Source : Norman

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