Hilarious – Dog’s Wake Up Call

Dog wakes owner

See how a dog reacts to his master not getting up on regular time

What do you think about dog’s sensitivity to time? We all have a biological clock in our body. For example if you put alarm to wake up early in the morning for few days.  After the some days we will wake up before the alarm rings. This is not only for human beings, but also for pet animals.  Especially for dogs and cats, because they are hypersensitive .

A man set up an alarm for few days to get up on a fixed time. His dog woke up along with him every day.  When he no longer needed to get up early, he tried to sleep for a long time ,  but the alarm routine got recorded in his dog’s mind. It woke up precisely ever day at the same time and tried it’s best to wake it’s owner up. One day the owner put a video camera on and recorded the dog’s action. This video shows the dog’s tireless effort to wake his master from the bed.

Source: autoedit

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