Holocaust Savior Sir Nicholas Winton

Saviour Sir Nicholas Winton

Get to Know Sir Nicholas Winton who Saved Children during Holocaust

It has been more than half a century but the effect of holocaust still haunts the world. The Third Reich genocidal machine was aimed not only at the destruction of the European community, but also the very identity and presence of Jews.

Children were especially vulnerable and faced unimaginable future during Holocaust. Nearly 1.5 million children were killed mercilessly in the ghettos. Quite a few children were saved by the heroic efforts of some selfless men.

Sir Nicholas Winton is one of them. This British man saved 669 children, most of them were Jews. He was only 29 when he arranged trains to take the children out of German occupied Czechoslovakia. He was called as the British Schindler. This video shows a holocaust survivor thanking her savior Sir Nicholas Winton.

Source: aggy007

This video is sure to move anyone who watches it.
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