Humanity Makes Us Humane


Humanity Exists and Gets Rekindled Now and Then

Many times, we find the world is painted negative with instances of exploitation and cheating. We find that there is no meaning for the word humanity. It makes us question if “humanity “exists only in dictionary. Watch this video and your opinion is bound to change.

This is a collection of random clips taken in different parts of the world. See A busy passerby acting in a nick of time to protect a toddler. Sincere firefighters saving a stray dog. A homeless man sharing his food with a helpless person. A unknown person’s pursuit to save a kid from fire. A tough policeman sparing a little time to play ball with a little fella. A lanky youngster’s brave fight against a thief to stop a robbery from happening.

All these acts are not restricted to one part of the globe, it makes the world a wonderful place to live in. This video gives out one strong statement, hope for a better tomorrow and restores faith in humanity.

Source : AmazingLife247

Humanity makes us humane, let us make it a part of our being. What is your feel on humanity in today’s world? Express yourself here or on facebook. Do share this too.



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