I Am Angry At My Wife And Daughter Over This White Gold Dress

White Gold Dress or Black Blue Dress

The White Gold Dress or Black Blue Dress Conspiracy



White Gold Dress

White Gold Dress


I am angry. Literally I am going nuts! Why? Because this stupid dress has the internet in a fury! Yesterday my wife and kids all looked at the photo above and all said. (Inside our van in the sun in a parking lot) “White and Gold” was the consensus. We literally laughed at all you foolish clowns who see Black and Blue! You must be crazy or blind we agreed. My wife plainly said, “This is stupid, I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. It is White and Gold. Stupid internet stuff.” Well, fast forward 12 hours and its night time and we are sitting in the dark living room. I looked at the photo again and still, I see a white gold dress. I set it as my wallpaper on my phone…


White Gold Dress Wallpaper

My White Gold Dress Wallpaper


Earlier in the day my little brother claimed that the dress changed color on him a few hours later. I argued with him. This is silly. I am a ProfessionalPhotographer, your not going to tell me I said. I have edited 10’s of thousands of images for weddings, kids, families and events. No one was going to tell me. I know better. I know about composition, light, shadows, and more than anything in this regard, the TEMP and TINT in Lightroom or Photoshop. To me, this is a huge conspiracy, all you black and blue people are possessed by some evil spirit. Yes! Thats it! You must be right!? I justify what I see clearly. There is indeed a bit of blue hue on the white dress. Flash can do that. As a photog I know this fact. Its flash bouncing off the white that causes this whitish look. It leans to white of course. And then the Gold / Brown color is so obvious and prevalent that there is literally not a LICK of black in the same galaxy as this dress. It’s just not there people.

As I lay there on the couch looking at the white gold dress on my phone, I said. “Babe, look at this. What do you see?” I wanted to know if it “changed” for her. She looked at me with a confused look and said. “It’s black and blue.” I was like…. “WTF!? Are you serious?” She looked at me like I was playing some trick on her and said clearly. “It’s black and blue. Did you change it?” She suggested that I was tricking her somehow and showing her a different photo, not the one we all saw inside the van. My wife fell to the dark side. I was devastated. And like many of you have done. We went back and forth into the wee hours. I literally woke up our oldest daughter and said. “What color is this!?” She said half asleep. “It’s white with gold. Leave me alone.” She wanted to sleep. I laughed and my wife started to believe that I indeed did not trick her and we are simply seeing something different. So now I believe all of you black and blue people. Clearly you are not possessed by color demons. Of course not, my wife is a good wife. She would not lie to me.

But what does this mean? I know now…. It is in fact a trick played by our God given brains. Our brains and how they work is what is causing such stupid reactions online and in the trenches at home. All these battles are silly. Something scientific is in fact happening. This photo was either taken on purpose by some genius or by chance it came out this way with a little doctoring on Cymera or some crazy photo app. I then remembered a show I just watched a few days ago. It is called “Brain Games.” This show goes into depth literally explaining that our brains and how they are wired can cause some pretty interesting affects. Strange things happen when our brain decides for us. We cannot control what is hard wired into the auto processing function of our brains. Watch the following show. It WILL enlighten you, you will have some comfort in knowing this is possible.

Brain Games Season 1 Episode 1 – National… by Nationalgeographic1


So I went to bed furious with my wife, not at her really, but the situation. The craziness of it all. In the morning when all the kids woke up I proceeded to ask them once more what color they saw. “White and Gold” was again the consensus. That is, until our oldest that I had rudely woken up and had proclaimed the same the night before, came to me. “Black and Blue.” “Are you serious!?” I shouted! She looked at me with an annoyed look. She also, like my wife, thought I pulled a switch-a-roo on her. “It’s black and blue! It is!” I then explained to her that it was the same image she saw last night where she said white and gold. My son and I giggled like little school girls pointing at them. So now I am angry at the beautiful wifey and daughter. They both became a team and now I REALLY REALLY want to see what you black blue people see. I WANT TO SEE IT the way you do. I want it to change. But it won’t. At least I feel it cannot for me. I have worked on too many images editing weddings and photos for my trained eye to make a switch. I created a graphic to BLAST all of you black and blue folks. **CLICK THE PHOTO FOR LARGER SIZE**


white gold dress

Graphic created in Photoshop.

So yes I think you are crazy. Yet I am the one acting crazy right? I eagerly await the day the photo turns black and blue on my phone. I think I will lose it and jump off a bridge if that happens. (Not really) But I do see how it can be a freaky experience and I want to feel that weirdness. If my graphic above doesn’t convince you that the dress is not blue it should at least convince you that there is NO BLACK on it at all. How can you see black if its not there? I also agree within my own mind now, that It’s not so much what you say you see, but what I see. And I see White and Gold…


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