Incredible Oscar, Special Among Cats

cat with a difference

Love and compassion is not limited to human alone proves this cat, Oscar

Pet animals such as dogs and cats have more compassion and love towards human beings. For thousands of years humans have bonded with pet animals and today we recognize that the bond has no limits.

The unique bond between pets and humans is awesome to behold and incredible to experience. Cats love us as much as we love them. Cats show their affection very differently to people. Those who have a cat as pet can understand this better.

This video is about Oscar, a cute cat. One day this cat suddenly showed up in a hospital and started living there. It became a pet to people in the entire hospital. The specialty of Oscar is that it takes daily rounds visiting patients. If there is a patient who is gravely sick and about to die, Oscar goes to them and climbs onto their bed and stays beside them. It’s very hard to believe and understand. Watch the heart touching video.


Source: HyperionBooksVideos’s channel

It is heart warming to see a cat showering solace to sick patients with his heart full of love. Do you love cats?
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