Who says Down Syndrome is Inhibiting?

Inspirational video

Watch Madison Tevlin, a 12 year old with Down Syndrome sing “All of me”

Speaking, singing,  name anything that we do so easily in our daily life, this child finds it difficult. Faced with developmental challenges, difficulty in speaking, leave alone singing, this girl, Madison Tevlin with Down syndrome defies them all. Watch her sing and her modulations that she painstakingly produces to inspire us to believe that nothing is impossible, and all it requires is sincere attempt and a will to succeed. She sings ” All of me” to convey the love that encompasses us all in this beautiful inspirational video. In addition to everything she had to put in to record this video, she also had to fight a sinus infection before the recording. She refused to stop and went on to record this lovely song.

Source: YouTube

Please pay careful attention to the efforts of this girl and her arduous effort to get over her insufficiency to bring out this beautiful soulful song.  Do we have this ability in us to concentrate on our inner strength and bring out the best against all odds?  Please share this and post your comments below or on Facebook.



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