Labrador’s Love, a Heart Warming Video

Labrador meets his friend

Who said Dogs and Cats do not Share their Love?

We all know that dogs are friendly, especially the Labradors. The video opens with the Labrador Camila standing at the fence like all loyal dogs that guard property for their master. As time passes, we can feel that the dog is not only guarding but is also waiting for someone. Watch the excitement as the owner’s car enters. Look at how the sweet Camila wags her tail on seeing her master.

The master gets down with a small pet carrier. We can see the anxiety of Camila increasing as she becomes keen to reach for the little pet carrier. What do you think is in it? You might guess it must be her Labrador puppy seeing her excitement. Watch her run into the house to bring her mate. Together they sniff the pet carrier with love. The master opens the little carrier and look who is coming out. Is it her puppy? No.. ..Then?

Source :Victor Miguel Cordovez Aragones

Watch the video to see a beautiful and adorable happening. The Labradors are welcoming a kitten home. What do you think of this video? Do share your thoughts below or on facebook and do share it so others can enjoy it too.



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