Love on this Valentine’s day

Bond of love

A Valentine’s Day Commercial reveals what Love should be!

This is a really touching video meant to be shot for a commercial for Valentine’s day and goes much beyond that. In this video, we meet Bob and Kim who are married are 56 years.

Bob and Kim were asked to share what the other means to them and it is not words but their hearts. Many times we feel but fail to express it to our dear ones. It is not that the other one does not know, but it is nice to hear it sometime.

In this heart warming video, full of emotion, Bob shares about his love for Kim and Kim about her love for George. Valentine’s day celebrates love and it is this love that makes this day special. Living together for so many years, this couple still have not found enough of each other.

Source: hallmarkcards

It is all about bondage, sharing and caring. Let us see more such love and celebrate togetherness. Watch this video for moments of emotional bliss and do share it with your dear ones.

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