This Maid Got the Surprise of Her Life! So Kind of Them!

She got the Surprise of her Life!

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A prank led to the emotional surprise of a lifetime for a Cleveland housekeeper and single mother of three.

Cara Simmons unknowingly was nominated and chosen to appear on’s video series “Prank it FWD.” It’s a series that flips traditional viral pranks, and instead finds deserving people to reward with positive good deeds.

Cara, who works for a local cleaning company, was nominated by her sister, Glo Nicholson, and her boss, Mary Jo. They said she’s been in and out of the hospital and never gets time off from work.

Cara was told she had an “important job” cleaning a new house. When she arrived at the home, she did everything but clean.

She was asked to taste-test food cooked by a professional chef, got a massage and was given designer clothing and shoes that were just her size.

Then a moving van pulled up — and the real surprise started.

In the end, the house Cara showed up to clean was actually a brand new home, remodeled just for her.

Click the video player above for the amazing “prank.”



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