Meet Jessica Vanessa, Vine’s Most Famous Twerker!

Jessica Vanessa

Jessica Vanessa Twerking

Jessica Vanessa was just a normal kindergarden teacher until she discovered she could really, really twerk. At first she thought using social media was cool and she could use it to display her talent. Overnight she become an internet sensation. Jessica Vanessa admits she never intend things to go the way they did. She loved teaching Kindergarten but the money just was not there.

Jessica Vanessa makes a 6 figure salary from posting these 6 second videos! She’s seriously the real thing! Even Miley Cyrus has to be jealous of that. Although Jessica has received a lot of hate, she’s been able to move past it with the support of her family.

Yes, her family supports her. In fact her brother films her twerking! And her dad says he’s proud of her. He adds, “She could be forty years old and she’ll still be my baby. It just keeps expanding more and more, no matter what she does I’ll just keep supporting her 100 percent—I love everything she does.” I just kept thinking of going to my fathers house in those short, shorts I would have gotten the whooping of my life. But hey more power to her for having a super supportive family.

What do you think about Jessica Vannessa’s twerking ability?

Source: Barcroft TV



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