Meet Pet, a Lamb who Thinks He is a Dog

Pet, the lamb

What more to expect from a lamb growing with border collies?

It is quite common to acquire habits from the people we grow up with. Here in this video, an orphaned lamb had no other option but to grow up with 4 dogs.

Pet, the orphaned lamb considers the eldest collie as her mother and follows her everywhere. Not only this, she has started believing she is a dog and tries to imitate it everywhere.

It is hilarious to watch Pet assuming the role of a dog and trying to behave as one. The lamb finds it comfortable to act like a dog but the border collies are not considerate to Pet, the lamb.

Source : Jemma Mackenzie

Environment influences upbringing as in the case of Pet, the lamb. What do you think? Please share and post comments below or on Facebook



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