Methane Gas under Frozen River

Methane of frozen river

Lighting Methane Gas of Frozen River

Beneath the frozen lakes lie the methane gas bubbles. The color is blue and white or bluish on white. It appears like cotton wool and traps methane gas that would ignite. Methane gas is released naturally as the season of springs sets in and the lake thaws.

The methane is created naturally with the bacteria acting on leaves and trees trapped in the bottom of the lake freezing. When the surface is still frozen, people tend to use axe to poke the tip of the ice on the pockets of methane and set it on fire. The force of the fire and the time it burns depend upon the gas trapped beneath the surface.

Source: liveleak

Youngsters have fun breaking the ice to release the gas and set it on fire. They play with the natural gas during night also. Watch the video to see the fire from the frozen lake.

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