A Millionaire Garbage Picker

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A Millionaire Wants to Do his Bit to Society by Collecting Garbage

When you have money, what do you do? Live a luxurious life, go for vacations to exotic places but this millionaire investor, Yo from Korea is different. He works around his place to keep it clean and tidy. How do you think he does it? By picking strewn around garbage around his area at 5 AM in the morning. Quite shocking isn’t it?

This man finds nothing wrong in collecting garbage because he feels it is the duty of every citizen to keep environment clean. People who saw him picking up garbage thought he was a regular garbage picker. His intention is to spread the culture of cleanliness and instill the art of recycling in people’s minds.  He is not a garbage picker to show off his social service, he does it with all his heart as even tiny cigarette butts are not spared during this service.

Source : omr94

Is keeping the surroundings clean a responsibility of the garbage pickers? If Yo can do it, so can we. It is best to educate our children on community and keeping the environment clean in the tender years. What do you think? Please share this and comment below or in Facebook.



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