Must Watch Incredible Dominos Trick

Awesome Dominos Trick , 3 months of Work to Destroy in 3 Minutes

There is no need to learn dominos to appreciate this art. Watch how Hevesh5 and Millionendollarboy play dominos in a room full of painstakingly built constructions to floor in a matter of 3 minutes. It took them 3 months to build these mammoth constructions and the variety of it speaks by itself on the efforts put in by these two incredibly talented dominos superstars.

Be prepared to be wonder struck by the way, the dominos tricks are performed and the way certain messages are created. It cannot be done without many reworks and remember, a small mishap in construction can undo weeks of work. A lovely piece of work that talks on its own with no commentary required. Spare your 3 minutes to watch 3 months of work come to fruition.

Source : YouTube

The precision with which the trick is done talks about the experience of the creators and it is a pleasure to watch this absorbing video, dominos fan or not. Do you think such efforts lasting for months to make a video lasting 3 minutes is really worth the while?  Please share this and post your comments below or on Facebook.




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