Nuances of Cow Art By A Farmer

Cow Art Captures Imagination

Herding is no more a boring task, Watch this farmer do his Cow Art!

A farmer takes painting to a new level. A feed truck and a group of cattle are all required by this cowhand, Derek Klingenberg, to make the boring job of herding, exciting with his Cow Art.

Imagine seeing a smiley face on the ground and that too, made of bovines. It is obvious that Cow Art is a task that requires patience with lots of tiny maneuvers to move the cattle. The very thought of seeing art in herding cattle is innovative. Look at the way, the cowman moves the cattle around to achieve it. Disciplining the bovines to make them stand in a specific fashion is a must watch. This lovely piece of Cow Art painstakingly done by Derek Klingenberg could not have reached us without the help of a drone.

Look at how he had used the drone effectively to capture the finer nuances of his herding and the final masterpiece, a smiley face Cow Art.

Source : YouTube

Do you think Derek Klingenberg can move beyond smiley face Cow Art to create something spectacular? We have to wait to see what more this cowman will achieve with his bovines.



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