Obama Proves that Power is Responsibility

Power and honor

See how President Obama Values Humans

Humans tend to view power with authority. They feel it gives them the freedom to choose if fellow beings should be considered or not. Maybe it is just that they are too busy to address each and everyone. But President Obama thinks otherwise.

What would you do when you are a President of a country with mind boggling issues haunting you day and night that you find little time to be with your family? Lost in thoughts ofcourse. Forgetting to acknowledge a marine is not a great mistake when you are President Obama. No, not at all.

The President gets into the Marine One aircraft without acknowledging the salute of the marine. He does not take it too light. He gets down from the aircraft to shake hands with the marine who is busy saluting the President.

Source: CNN

Power begets humility and it is evident in President Obama’s reaction to the marine. What do you think about this video?
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