Pandas Need Cuddling Too

Pandas refusing medicines

Two Sick Pandas Dodge Medicines and Insist on Cuddles Instead

Pandas can be naughty even if they are sick. Look at these pandas protesting against the keeper as he tries to medicate them.  They look like giant Teddy bears we have in our home and are so cuddly. Just watch how the pandas are tackling the keeper and preventing him from giving medicine to one another.

All kind of cajoling does not work and when the keeper is handling one, the other finds ways to disturb him, so the one he is trying to medicate can escape from him. They also insist on playing with him and demand his attention every time. They seem to prefer hugs to medicines. Pandas in this video are so adorable and to see how they help each other is a must watch. Needless to say, the keeper proves he is smarter and finds a way to catch and put medicines in their mouth.

Source : CCTV News

Pandas are endangered animals and in China people can get a 1 minute hug from a Panda for chopping bamboos. Animals such as Panda show attachment to humans but are we doing enough to protect these endangered animals. Share this post and also your thoughts below or on Facebook.



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