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Simple Happy Life with a Heart so Pure

Simple happy life can be in any part of the world. It does not depend on the situations outside. Congo is one of the poor African countries ripped apart by continuous civil war. Millions died, half of the deceased were children below five years. Professional fighter Justin wren went to eastern Congo as an aid worker. There he met the children of mubti pygmy tribe. He is the first white man the pygmy children have ever seen.

He looked like a man from another planet for those kids. They looked at him with amazement. These tribal people won’t even have the basic necessities like good shelter and running water. They were so poor, but look at their face.  They are happy in spite of poverty.  They may not know wealth and good life but these young children have priceless innocence.

This video shows those children’s reaction when they touch Justin Wrens hands. They giggle, laughs and forget all their sorrow, welcoming the white man with love and affection.

Source: Justin Wren

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