Puppy Bonds with a Seven Year Old Girl

Attached to puppy

Watch a girl’s love for a puppy she saved

Kids love pets and no words can explain their bondage with a puppy. The bond between kids and pets is always amazing. Even the behavior of ferocious dog is different when they deal with a kid who loves pets. This video is a short emotional episode.

Seven year old Elizabeth from New Jersey joined in a local pet saving party. One day she rescued a pup with a group. A great friendship formed between the pup and Elizabeth in the minutes before the puppy was taken by animal welfare guys.

Elizabeth missed the pup a lot. She went home crying. The memory of the little pup remained always in her mind.

One day little Elizabeth was invited as a guest to a television show where she was asked about that particular puppy. She answered with tears and then she had a great surprise.

Source: The Meredith Vieira Show

Watch this video to know how Elizabeth bonds with the puppy.

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