Rascal Flatts, Country Music Artists, Show They Care

Taylor's fight

Unsung Heros, Rascal Flatts has a charitable side, Watch them in this heart warming video

Country music artists make people sway to their tunes but they have a softer side that goes beyond music. Many times, the visits of the artists go unnoticed because they do it without any noise, a sincere effort indeed. Here in this video, you can see Rascal Flatts visiting a fan, guess where? In St. Petersburg hospital.

 The girl, Taylor Goethals, is a 15 year old cancer patient. She was such an ardent fan but could not make it to the concert as she was undergoing chemotherapy that day in the hospital. She was ecstatic meeting her favorite band and had a lot to share with them. Rascal Flatts spent good time with her and made sure to cheer her up with lighter moments.

Taylor shared her T-shirts with them and the artists promised to wear it in the concert in Tampa. All the artists wore T-shirts carrying ‘Taylor’s Fight Stay Strong’.

Source : YouTube

Country music moves hearts and so do they.  Rascal Flatts showed us how little acts go a long way in making things special for someone. Do we spare this time to go a little bit further to make life special for someone?  Please share this and post your comments below or on Facebook.



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