Reunion of a Soldier with his Family

Soldier on a vacation

Know What is Homecoming for a Soldier on a Short Vacation

When a common man sleeps peacefully in his bed, a soldier spends sleepless nights, staying awake all night to safeguard us, somewhere in a distant border or country. When we spend our days happily playing with friends in the playground, a soldier plays with death to ensure our safety in the battle field.  While we rejoice in the company of our family, a soldier stays away from his family to make sure we are secure.

In fact some of the families do not even know where they are deployed. In this video, a soldier gets a short leave returning home to be with his wife’s during their second child birth. See the happiness in her face as she sees her patriotic husband back with her. The highlight is when his first son enters.

Source : Chris Reif

It is a must see. Seeing his dad after a long time, the little kid is excited as he runs to his soldier father and jumps on him with love. Watch this emotional family reunion and share this with your family and friends. Do comment below or on Facebook



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