Spanish 12 Year Old With One Leg Does Parkour

Spanish Parkour Kid Ruben Roldan

This 12 year old kid lost his leg, but even that doesn’t stop him from doing parkour!

It’s not every day you find such inspiration.  The next time you are having a pity party remember Ruben Roldan from Spain.  The kid is becoming a Parkour Pro and with only 1 leg! Whenever I see parkour pros on movies or Youtube I always think of how dangerous and difficult it must be to do such stunts.  Besides that, it takes guts too!

Ruben explains in Spanish at the beginning of the video that after having an accident they had to amputate his leg.  He also states that he is dedicated to Parkour and he has no limits.  “My limit is made by myself because no one knows my body like I do.”  “I don’t have a limit.” “No matter how difficult the situation can be, you can never give up.”  This kid is so brave it makes me want to strive for more as well.

To many times we take for granted our health and bodies.  We can strive for so much more.  This makes me want to get out there and workout and get healthier.  If this kid can accomplish his dreams with one leg I think we should strive to do the same.  Thank you Ruben for being brave and having “no limits” like you so eloquently put it.  View his awesome Parkour skills below:


Source: LiveLeak
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