Toddlers can be Intentionally Mischievous too

Mischievous Toddler

Ever thought what a toddler can do to harass his sister?

Mischievous toddlers are difficult to manage, especially the boys. Boys have this uncanny ability to innocently get under the parents skin as they go about the task of their own exploration.

Toddlers are not mischievous because they plan to be. It just happens. They never actually know what they are going to do next until they think of it. But this toddler is an exception.

This two year old toddler’s elder sister made repeated complaints to their parents that her young brother is taking toys from her room every night. Initially their mom and dad did not listen to her. But one day they thought of checking out her story and so they installed a camera outside her room to find out what is really happening.

Source: Joann Moser

Look at the video to see the surprise they got tracking the toddler. It is a video of an adventure of the two year old toddler sneaking into his sister’s room every night.
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