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dancing traffic light

Traffic Light with Real People Dancing

We all hate getting stuck in traffic. Waiting at traffic light is another big headache . Minutes we spend at the traffic lights seem like years. Those minutes check our patience and most of us keep staring at the red light awaiting the second it turns green. It is a real test of patience when we are heading for some important or urgent work.

It just takes a little effort to make a wait worthy. Seconds and minutes idling seems like ages. It’s time to make a change. This video shows a silent revolution. In Lisbon, Portugal, a company placed a dance room on square, and invited random pedestrians to go into the box and dance. Their dance movements were displayed on few traffic signals in real time. The result is amazing. Watch the video.

Source: smart

Keeping one engaged is a great way to go and making a show of pedestrians on the road is a double whammy. What other ideas do we have? Share this or post a comment below or on Facebook



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