Truck Crash Dumps Soda And Almost Kills Man


A truck crash dumps soda all over the street and almost kills a man!

It’s not everyday you see this. When a man was walking down the street he was almost killed by a soda truck that was driving to fast with an unbalanced load. I have learned by watching online videos for years, that you must be extra careful and vigilant when walking on the street near cars. As a matter of fact, I completely avoid it when possible. My tips for you are this. When on the street, either in the city or anywhere for that matter. (Even parking lots etc..) Always stand behind a pole or large solid object. Be very aware and always plan an escape route and keep looking around constantly. It might seem paranoid, but your life can extinguish in a blink of an eye. Be smart people, stay safe. Watch the following video below:

Source: LiveLeak

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