Hilarious – Try Treating a Cat Like A Dog

Adamant Cat

What happens when you try to leash a Cat like a Dog ?

It is no doubt that a cat is a cat however you try to change it. When  dogs work laboriously all day and night, the cat sleeps. In an average, a cat sleeps more than 14 hours a day whereas a dog stays vigil and guards the owner’s house. A dog works his way off while a cat mews and sleeps on the lap of his master demanding utmost attention while lazing around.

In this video, a master tries to treat his cat like a dog. He wants to take her for a walk on a leash. He leashes her and tries his best to take her out of the house, but she refuses and lies adamantly on the floor.

No matter how hard the master tries, she refuses to get up vehemently sliding on the floor like a floor mop. He even drags her all over the house but the lazy one does not give up. Did the master succeed in taking the cat out on a leash? Watch the video and enjoy those hilarious moments…

Source : Ryan Thomas

And when the cat did get up, see what happens. It is fun, do watch the video. Do you have a pet trying to outsmart you? Share with us below or on Facebook.



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