Violence against Women – Is this Curable?

violence against women

This topic of Violence faced by women does not seem to end

Violence against women is a global pandemic. More than 35% of women and girls experience some form of violence in their lifetime. The effect of violence against women lasts for generations. Men are the main culprits in abusing women. A man in his growing up years starts to believe that he has absolute power and forms the authority. If a woman questions his authority or irritates him, he hits her, even for no credible reasons.

The real problem we face is that we cannot identify when he turns violent to put a control on him. The big question is at what age? at what stage?. We have no accurate answer for these questions right now.

In this short video,little boys were asked few random questions to understand their mindset. Subsequently, they get introduced to a girl. Everything goes well and finally to test how well they accommodate each other, they were asked to do a task. Watch this video to see their reactions. Unbelievable.


Violence against women is not inevitable. It has to be stopped at any cost. Do you think the secret to this behavior lies in the way they are brought up?

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