Volcanic Explosion in Close Quarters

Lava from a volcanic explosion

A Close Encounter with Lava pouring out from a Volcanic Explosion

A volcanic explosion with lava emission is really scary. We have heard and read lot of disasters like this.  People always move away from these calamities when they happen. The temperature of lava is normally around 750 to1200 degree Celsius. It looks like liquid fire.

We might  have seen  footage of volcanic explosions in television, which are normally taken from  top angle, far away from the volcano. Most of these footage are taken by a camera fixed in a aircraft, but nothing like this video.  The crew have shot this video from a very close range. It shows  lava gushing out  from the mantle chamber and pouring into the sea and cooling down.  We are not sure where the photographer stood while filming this. When hot lava  suddenly cools down, there are possibilities of explosions. This cameraman has risked his life while shooting this phenomenal video.

Source: kawika singson

Do watch this video to appreciate the effort put in by the crew. What do you think about this effort? Is it worth risking a life to make such acts of nature? Share your thoughts below or on facebook. Do share this brave effort.



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