The Walking Dead Leaked Negan Kills Maggie Alternate Scene

Negan kills Maggie in this Leaked Alternate Scene

If you have not watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 7 you will be in for a surprise. (SPOILERS WARNING)

Glenn and Abraham have meet “Lucille” which is to say that is Negan’s bats name. She is a Louisville Slugger with a spikes wrapped around it. She is an ugly Vampire blood sucking bat. And Negan is a professional at using her.

After all the crazy reaction videos on Youtube regarding #TWD and the deaths of our beloved family members a new video began to circulate online. An alternate filming of Maggie getting beat to death by Lucille with Glenn watching on. Watch the video below, it has been removed from youtube many times already:

For all of you who HATE Negan make sure to sign the petition to Support Rick Grimes killing him over at Change.org : Rick Grimes Kill Negan Petition

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