Watch Cocoa farmers taste Chocolate for the First Time


Cocoa farmers of ivory coast don’t know what chocolates are

Can we think even in our weirdest dreams that a person might not know what a chocolate is, let alone have ever tasted it? Yes, ofcourse there are billions around the world. But what is even more moving is that producers of cocoa -Cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast don’t know what their produce is used to make. The deep gap between the living standards world over became even more apparent, when a cocoa farmer in Ivory coast was shown a chocolate and asked what it was made of. The Cocoa farmer was shockingly unaware. He was himself amazed to know, that the delicious thing in his hands was made of his own produce. Watch the video below, it would definitely force you to think, if the so called globalization has actually brought equal rewards to people worldover.

Source: VPRO Metropolis

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